In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle said her campaign against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is "a calling."

"When God calls you he also equips you and He doesn’t just say well today you’re going to run against Harry Reid," Angle said.

In a lengthy interview with CBN's David Brody, Angle also addressed the redesign of her website and responded to criticism that she has ducked mainstream media interviews. 

Angle said the point of an interview is "to earn something with it and I’m not going to earn anything from people who are there to badger me and use my words to batter me with."

She continued: "I do sometimes seven interviews a day so it’s not like we’re running from the media. It’s just that we’re earning with that media.”

After the primary, Angle's campaign re-launched her website with a trimmed down list of issue positions, which excluded some of her original statements on issues like illegal immigration and campaign finance reform, including her call to eliminate the Department of Education.   

Angle said the re-launch came on the advice of her online consultants, who told her she was "pretty wordy" and suggested condensing her positions into "very precise statements."

"We’re not completely there yet," she said in the interview. Angle actually encouraged people to check out the website launched by Reid's campaign, "The Real Sharron Angle" which posts Angle's original website. Initially, Angle's campaign sent a cease and desist letter over the site's re-posting.

"I’ll promote that website actually because that is the old website," Angle said. "It won the primary and I would like people to go there and look at my positions and it’s good that [Reid's] paying for that so I’m glad.”