Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) spent more than he took in over the last three months. He burned through roughly $1.7 million since the June 8 primary, much of it going into an early broadside of advertising against Republican challenger Sharron Angle.

At the same time, Reid raised $2.4 million for his reelection effort, his campaign said Thursday. Angle, meanwhile, raised $2.29 million -- the bulk of it coming from through the "web and social media," her campaign said. It's an impressive figure considering she had some $130,000 in the bank as of May 19, according to her pre-primary filing.

"I am absolutely overwhelmed that in an economy where people are hurting, they are supporting our campaign with their money and their time. That's how much people want to retire Harry Reid," she said in a statement.

Angle's campaign spent $656,773 and now has $1,767,671 cash on hand.

Reid's campaign has spent close to $3 million since March 31, mainly on TV ads, including a new spot that went up Thursday. It's one of eight post-primary ads, which represent a flurry of spending that dropped his cash on hand from $9.42 million to $8.94 million.

The senator has raised $19.2 million for his re-election campaign to date. But with less than four months to go before Election Day, he'll need to improve his fundraising to reach his stated goal of collecting $25 million for the race. He's recently gotten some help from President Obama who was in Nevada last week for a fundraiser. 

--Puneet Kollipara contributed to this post.

--Updated at 5:17 p.m.