Some lawmakers in West Virginia are accusing Gov. Joe Manchin's (D) office of using the special session of the state legislature as a power grab

The special session to address the succession process for the late Sen. Robert Byrd (D) got underway Thursday afternoon, but the Charleston Gazette reports that lawmakers of both parties continue to express unease with some aspects of the legislative fix.    

The governor's office changed a key provision of the bill earlier Thursday in an attempt to ease some concerns. Originally, the bill would have eliminated the need for a primary if just one candidate filed to run. Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers objected to that provision, so the governor's office removed it before the legislature began consideration of the measure Thursday.

The bill is making its way through legislative committees and the governor's office still expects swift passage.

Manchin will announce his choice for an interim Senator by 5 p.m. Friday and Senate Democrats already have set the time and date of that person's swearing in.