Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) says he's "comfortable" in his reelection race against GOP candidate Sharron Angle.

Reid derided Angle's positions on Social Security and other issues as "not in the mainstream" as Election Day in the closely watched race looms fewer than 100 days away.

"I think that what I have seen her say, what I have watched her say, what I have read what she has said — she’s not mainstream for Nevada or probably most any other place in America," Reid said in an interview with David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Republicans have made Reid a top target for defeat this fall, as high jobless numbers and a slower recovery plague Nevada's economy. Reid has suffered from low approval ratings over the past year, suggesting that he was low-hanging fruit for a GOP challenger this fall.

But Reid's been making up ground recently against Angle, whose candidacy had been fueled by conservative activists and some within the Tea Party movement. Her conservative support led her to upset former state GOP Chairwoman Sue Lowden in the party's primary to face Reid.

Reid noted his tough approval ratings, but said that he'd campaigned through negative seasons before and that Nevada voters were familiar with his record by this point.

"I have a campaign that’s moving along just fine," he said. "I feel comfortable where we are today."