Washington GOP Senate candidate Dino Rossi said Tuesday he'd favor repealing both healthcare reform and Wall Street reform.

Rossi, who's challenging top Sen. Patty Murray (D) in this fall's elections, said he'd favor repealing the two signature issues Democrats have made into law this year.

"We need to repeal that bill," Rossi said of healthcare reform on ABC News's "Top Line" webcast.

He also said, when pressed, that Wall Street reform legislation signed into law last week by President Obama should be repealed and replaced with different reforms.

"I think we should," he said of repealing the financial reform package. "I think we should put reforms in that actually protect the public."

Democrats have sought to put pressure on top-tier Senate candidates like Rossi to say whether or not they would look to dismantle some of the reforms in those pieces of legislation. They've made the specter of repeal a key part of their election year argument against many GOP candidates.

Republicans including Rossi have, for their part, steadily maintained that for the legislation they would look to repeal, they would want it replaced with new legislation.