Former WWE wrestler Lance Cade was found dead Thursday in his father's home in San Antonio. Cade, who's real name is Lance McNaught, was 29 and "passed away of apparent heart failure," according to a statement on the WWE website.

Cade's "death could affect" former WWE CEO Linda McMahon's (R) run for Senate in Connecticut, J.B. Porsche, executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, tweeted Saturday. 

McMahon, who clinched the GOP Senate nod last Tuesday, has been dogged by questions about how the WWE treats its wrestlers. Five performers have died while under contract with the company and several more, including McNaught, died shortly after they left the WWE's employ.

McMahon was pressed about the problems in the wrestling business during a recent interview with ABC News, but she quickly directed the conversation back to politics.

"We can talk about WWE until tomorrow," she said, adding that's not what voters care about. "They are concerned about the issues of the day," she said. "They’re not concerned about soap-opera storylines."

McNaught was a three-time World Tag Team Champion's during his five-year span in the WWE, which began in March 2003 and ended in October 2008 when he was released by the company. He returned to wrestle in Florida Championship Wrestling, part of the WWE's developmental circuit, in September 2009, but was released in April 2010. His death so close to his departure from the WWE could rekindle the debate about how the company treats its wrestlers.

That won't be helpful to McMahon, who many observers believe has a chance of upsetting the Democratic candidate in deep-blue Connecticut. McMahon trailed Democrat Richard Blumenthal by 7 points in a Rasmussen Reports survey released Friday.