The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee raised $4.4 million in the month of July, compared to the $4.1 million pulled in by its Republican counterpart. 

The DSCC also holds a slight edge when it comes to cash on hand. The committee will report $22.4 million to the National Republican Senatorial Committee's $21.1 million. The DSCC also spent $3.5 million last month to the NRSC's $2.6 million. 

“Even though Republicans have enjoyed a hospitable political environment, Democrats continue to outraise them and hold a cash-on-hand advantage," DSCC National Press Secretary Deirdre Murphy said in a statement. "The committee and candidates are all in strong positions to wage competitive races in each of our targeted races, including many red seats."

On the NRSC's numbers, Executive Director Rob Jesmer said in a statement that they "help ensure that our candidates have the resources to win in November." He also proclaimed that Republicans are "on offense in at least 12 Democrat-held Senate seats."  

Even though the DSCC holds an edge, its $4.4 million is well under their total from June. The committee raised $7.1 million that month, topping the NRSC by some $3 million.