Delaware GOP Senate contender Christine O’Donnell said in an interview published Thursday that she is being followed home at night by political opponents.

"They're following me," O'Donnell told The Weekly Standard magazine. "They follow me home at night. I make sure that I come back to the townhouse and then we have our team come out and check all the bushes and check all the cars to make sure that — they follow me."

O’Donnell suggested that Rep. Mike Castle, her challenger in the Sept. 14 Republican primary, and state GOP party chairman Tom Ross are behind the surveillance.

O’Donnell also said her campaign office was vandalized in 2008, when she was running against then-Sen. Joe BidenJoe BidenUS lawmakers arrive in Taiwan to meet with local officials Biden meets with Coast Guard on Thanksgiving Five reasons for Biden, GOP to be thankful this season MORE (D).

The Wilmington News-Journal — the state’s largest paper — published a story Friday about O’Donnell’s claims, quoting Ross as saying they were “disgusting.” Castle’s campaign was quoted as calling his opponent “delusional.”

Ross is aggressively opposing O’Donnell’s bid against Castle, but maintains he and the state party did everything possible to help her in 2008. The state party is collecting negative information about O’Donnell and distributing it regularly to media, as is the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Thursday was a particularly bad day for O’Donnell — she had a testy, confrontational 22-minute morning interview with conservative WGMD radio host Dan Gaffney, who muted her speaking several times in exasperation.

She then had a Fox News interview with host Neil Cavuto that focused on her alleged personal finance problems. The Delaware GOP distributed a transcript of that interview Friday along with a quote from Ross that said O’Donnell was either “unhinged from reality… or simply a liar.”