Louisiana Sen. David Vitter (R) uses his latest TV ad to hit Democratic rival Charlie Melancon for fundraising in Canada during the BP oil spill. 

Melancon and several other Democratic Senate candidates were at a reception for the Committee for a Better Future on July 11 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The committee is connected to the American Association for Justice and the National Association of Trial Lawyer Executives, which were holding a convention in the city. 

The BP oil spill started in April. The well was finally killed in mid-September. 

"While Louisiana families were struggling with the tragic oil spill, Congressman Charlie Melancon flew to Canada to pick up campaign checks from trial lawyers who were there meeting on how to make money off the victims of the oil spill," a woman says in Vitter's 30-second ad.

Melancon's camp said Vitter was playing fast and loose with the facts.

"Charlie Melancon has fought to hold BP 100 percent responsible for the cost of recovery, writing legislation to end the job-killing offshore drilling moratorium and voting to remove all caps on BP’s liability," said Jeff Giertz, a spokesman for Melancon. "Truth is, David Vitter’s first instinct after the oil disaster was to introduce a BP bailout bill limiting financial liability after a spill to as little as $150 million and leaving taxpayers on the hook for the rest."