The Tea Party Express began its general election ad campaign against Sen Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) Monday unveiling a new TV spot that paints her as underserving of her Senate seat.  

"Lisa Murkowski got her U.S. Senate seat when her father, Frank Murkowski, appointed her," the ad's narrator said. "She didn't earn it." 

The ad concludes: "You lost Lisa and it's time you respect that this Senate seat doesn't belong to you."

It's just the start of what is expected to be a nasty general election battle between the California-based group and Murkowski ahead of November. The Tea Party Express spent close to $600,000 to aid Republican Joe Miller in Alaska's GOP Senate primary and has said it expects to spend as much, if not more, from now until Election Day.

Murkowski has labeled it an "outside extremist group," and warned that her write-in campaign won't pull any punches against Miller and the Tea Party Express over the next month.