Florida Senate candidate Kendrick Meek (D) reacted angrily to the Sierra Club co-endorsing him and Gov. Charlie Crist (I). 

The environmental group said it made the decision following a "detailed endorsement process."

"The Sierra Club's number one priority is ensuring a clean energy economy to create jobs and solve the climate crisis," Frank Jackalone, the Sierra Club’s Florida staff director, said in a statement. "With Crist and Meek we can count on two serious and accomplished candidates for the U.S. Senate who understand the urgency of environmental protection and the policies needed to accomplish that goal."

Meek called the co-endorsement an "insult to Florida's environmental community."

"The Sierra Club has chosen to stand with a governor who stood on stage applauding as Sarah Palin chanted, 'Drill, Baby, Drill,' a governor who signed a law making it easier for big developers to drain the Everglades, a governor who endorsed a bill that would have allowed drilling just three miles away from Florida beaches, and a governor who used polluter talking points to attack climate change legislation," Meek said in a statement. "I respectfully decline the Sierra Club's co-endorsement."