The campaign of Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla.) is trying to put to rest rumors that the Democrat might drop out of Florida's Senate race. 

The campaign featured Democratic heavyweight James Carville and the chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party, Karen Thurman, on a conference call with reporters Tuesday in an attempt to show that state and national Dems remain committed to Meek. 

Carville made only a brief appearance on the call, noting that Meek has received campaign help from former President Clinton, but the Democrat didn't stay on the line for more than a couple of minutes.  

Meek has denied rumors that he could drop out of Florida's three-way Senate race to make way for Democrats to line up behind Gov. Charlie Crist (I). The suggestion came in a Wall Street Journal report Friday.  

Thurman said on the call that she sees a "clear path to victory" for Meek, but she didn't exactly spell out what that path looks like. 

"You never know until almost the very end where people are going to land," said Thurman, who tried to make the case that Meek can still make a major move in the polls between now and Election Day. 

"I think Democrats are really energized now as they start to pay attention," she said. 

Also on the call was Florida state Sen. Chris Smith (D), who accused the Crist campaign of spreading the rumor that Meek could bow out of the race, calling it "kind of offensive." 

Still, the numbers make it hard to see any path to victory for Meek absent a game-changing moment that shakes up the contest. And anytime you need a conference call to reassure supporters that your candidate is in fact remaining in the race, it's safe to say the campaign is in some real trouble.   

Meek has remained stuck in third place in the Senate race since emerging from a tough Democratic primary in August. The latest Rasmussen poll in the race has Rubio leading with 50 percent of the vote, followed by Crist at 25 percent and Meek at 19 percent.