LAS VEGAS — Harry Reid told campaign volunteers Tuesday morning he's "comfortable" with his chances of beating Republican Sharron Angle.

"We feel comfortable with where we are," the Senate majority leader said during an appearance at a campaign field office. "And we have a good get-out-the-vote operation — we'll just have to wait and see."

About a dozen volunteers were on hand for Reid's pep talk. They were outnumbered two-to-one by members of the media, who crammed into the dingy campaign office in a strip mall on the west side of the city. Most of the volunteers "are in the field," Zac Petkanas, a spokesman for Reid, explained.

As Reid made his way around the room to hug, kiss and shake hands with the volunteers, water dripped from the ceiling of the room into a black coffee mug on the floor. The air smelled like car air fresheners. Reid at field office

Reid told the volunteers he was glad he wasn't tasked with serving doughnuts because he hates the smell of them after having worked in a bakery as a teenager making the pastries. The crowd chuckled.

He thanked the group for putting a "good face" on his campaign.

In a brief exchange with reporters, Reid said he has heard from prominent Republicans in the state who are supporting him. "They do not want a Republican Party with her brand on it," he said of Angle. "My heart has been warmed because of the support of the Republicans."

Reid's only other public event before his election-night speech is a lunchtime stop at another Las Vegas field office. 

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