With a lead of more than 10,000 votes in Alaska's Senate race, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R) appears almost certain to claim victory, but Tea Party favorite Joe Miller is demanding a hand recount of the more than 250,000 votes cast in the Senate contest.

The Miller campaign has continually raised concerns over the ballot counting process, questioning the impartiality of the state division of elections and of Lt. Gov. Craig Campbell, who plays a leading role in overseeing the process.

The head of Alaska's division of elections told the Anchorage Daily News that a hand recount isn't even an option for Miller and that all recounts are done using the state's optical scan machines. It likely means another fight with state elections officials.

According to unofficial vote totals from the state division of elections, Murkowski leads with 100,868 votes to Miller's 90,448. Murkowski began Tuesday with a lead of less than 2,000 votes over Miller.  

At this point, Miller's legal battle over contested ballots appears irrelevant. The number of ballots challenged by Miller's legal team for either improper spelling of Murkowski's name or other irregularities currently stands at 8,153.

Even if all of those ballots were thrown out by a judge, Murkowski would still come out on top by more than 2,000 votes.

It's the scenario the Miller campaign has previously said would lead it to fold their legal efforts and cede defeat to Murkowski, but the Miller campaign has now made clear it has no intention of doing that just yet.