Former Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.), who has been mentioned as a 2012 Senate candidate, said it's unlikely he'll run for office again.

Davis, who retired from Congress in 2008, told ABC News's "Topline" that he didn't see himself running for Senate or any other office.

"I doubt it," Davis said. "I mean, I think my political days are probably over. It's nice to have left Congress undefeated and unindicted. You like to keep it that way."

Virginia Sen. Jim Webb's (D) term is up in 2012 but he hasn't announced his reelection plans. Davis has been mentioned as a Republican challenger, as has former Sen. George Allen and state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

Allen is considered the early favorite but there are several who believe he could face a challenge from the right, particularly because the Virginia GOP decided to hold a primary instead of a nominating convention to pick its nominee.

And with Cuccinelli gaining a major victory in Monday's ruling against the healthcare law, he could see his national profile rise, particularly among the Tea Party grassroots movement.

Davis told The Hill last month the decision to hold a primary helps Allen initially, but added: "There are a lot of variables to this thing."

"Initially, it definitely helps Allen," he said. "But a year is an eternity in politics, and this thing hasn't even started to develop yet."

Davis noted another candidate "with a strong regional base of support" could emerge as a competitor.

— Shane D'Aprile contributed to this post.