Former Sen. George Allen (R-Va.), who appears to be getting closer to jumping into the race for his former Senate seat in 2012, hit Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) over the weekend, the second time in less than a month. 

In a statement, Allen made clear his opposition to the DREAM Act, slamming Webb and Senate Democratic leaders for attempting to "encourage more illegal behavior."

"The so-called 'Dream Act' being pushed by Washington liberals like Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Leader Harry Reid, and Senators Durbin and Kerry is a flawed piece of legislation that rewards illegal behavior with benefits paid for by taxpayers," Allen said. "It is unfortunate that Senator Jim Webb chose to put the political interests of his liberal colleagues before the valid concerns of Virginians."

As Allen ups the criticism, speculation on whether or not Webb will seek another term in 2012 is only increasing. Webb told The Washington Post that he'll make a decision fairly early in the new year, "out of respect for other people." 

The Democrat also said while he hasn't done much of any fundraising for a reelection bid, "I think if I go out and do what needs to be done, the money will be there." 

Allen's rebuke of Webb on the DREAM Act also comes amid recent criticism from potential GOP challenger Corey Stewart on Allen's own Senate record on immigration. 

Stewart, who chairs the Prince William County Board of Supervisors and is pushing his own anti-illegal-immigration measure statewide, recently told The Ballot Box that Allen had no Senate accomplishments on the issue of illegal immigration — a charge the Allen camp rebuked at the time. 

In his statement over the weekend, Allen touted his work on the issue during his one term in the Senate, noting that he "supported numerous measures to enhance border security, to ensure that felons and criminals are not given citizenship, to protect the integrity of Social Security, to establish English as the official language of the United States, while also working to encourage legal immigration to attract the best and brightest to the United States."  

A recent poll from Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling found Allen to be the top choice among Virginia Republicans to take on Webb in 2012.