A prominent California conservative is urging his supporters to help defeat Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson (D).

Former state Assemblyman Chuck DeVore accused Nelson of being the "deciding 60th vote" that helped pass the Democrats' healthcare reform bill last year.

Nelson is "the one man in America who gave us this nightmare," DeVore wrote in an e-mail to his supporters Monday. He urged them to contribute to Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning (R), who declared his intention of challenging Nelson last November.

DeVore ran for the California GOP Senate nod last year, finishing third behind former Rep. Tom Campbell and businesswoman Carly Fiorina.

In his note, DeVore called Bruning "the man to return Nebraska to fiscal sanity."

"As the state Attorney General since 2003, Bruning made sure that Nebraska was one of the first states to join the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the [Democrats' healthcare] law," he wrote. "Bruning is the perfect conservative to replace Nelson, but he needs our help."

DeVore's e-mail subsequently linked to Bruning's campaign website.