Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (R) is making headlines in New Hampshire again, but this time the focus isn’t on his potential run for Senate in the state.


A shirtless Brown graced the front page of the Union Leader on Monday, smiling, clapping and looking much the same as he did in a notorious two-page nude spread in Cosmopolitan three decades ago.

Brown nabbed the front-page coverage for his decision to take part in the Penguin Plunge, an annual dunk in the frigid waters of the Atlantic to raise money for the Special Olympics. 

In the shot, Brown is surrounded by fellow members of the “Buckley’s Frozen Seamen” team, all wearing bright red shirts emblazoned with the team’s name.

Brown isn’t mentioned in the Union Leader’s writeup of the event, but the front-page treatment is already sparking renewed speculation over his political plans.

He’s been toying with a potential challenge to Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), and recently moved to the state from Massachusetts and has lent his name to fundraising pitches for the state party, which many view as signals he's gearing up for a run.