Former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) has cut ties with the conservative website NewsMax after they used an email list he'd rented out to them to blast out an article titled "5 Signs You'll Get Alzheimer's Disease."

Brown, who has moved to New Hampshire and is seriously considering a run against Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), told WMUR that he'd been "exploring" an "occasional rental agreement" with the conservative publication.


"With regard to this vendor, I was exploring entering into an occasional rental agreement with the vendor that sent out the email this morning," Brown said. "While the issues of Alzheimer's is personal to me and an issue I have been working on for years, I did not approve or authorize the sending of this particular email. Due to this and other issues, I am terminating my relationship with this vendor effective immediately."

Brown isn't the only former candidate who has rented out his email list to outside groups who then send unusual emails. A recent email blasted out to Newt Gingrich's supporters earlier this week, for instance, predicted that the U.S. dollar will collapse exactly on July 1 of this year.

"We've been writing for several years about the problems of the U.S. dollar and our government’s insurmountable debt obligations," the email ad said. "But now, for the first time ever, our lead analyst believes we can accurately predict the exact day of the U.S. dollar’s official collapse."