The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Dr. Monica Wehby (R) in her Senate bid, giving her a potentially large boost in her primary and against Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) this fall.


National Republicans are bullish that Wehby can make Oregon competitive if she wins the GOP nomination. But she has to first dispatch the more conservative Jason Conger (R) in her May 20 primary.

"Dr. Monica Wehby is exactly the kind of leader that small businesses across Oregon need in the US Senate. Dr. Wehby is a listener and a problem solver. She is the type of person who can work through the partisan gridlock that is paralyzing our economy. Her long history in health care reform, and her opposition to the ACA, will be a real asset to all business owners and their employees who are worried about the skyrocketing costs of health insurance," Chamber Political Director Rob Engstrom said in a statement.

The Chamber has spent millions on TV ads supporting establishment Republicans over their Tea Party foes this cycle. If they decide Wehby is a good investment, they could do a lot to boost her chances in the next few weeks by running ads for her.