Businessman David Perdue's (R) comments on outsourcing have already made it to TV, with former charity executive Michelle Nunn's (D) Senate campaign launching a new ad blasting his record.


The new Nunn spot features a recently reported 2005 legal deposition in which Perdue replies to a question about outsourcing by saying he spent "most of my career doing that."

"That's right. Under oath, David Perdue admitted he spent most of his career outsourcing jobs overseas to places like China and Mexico," the ad's narrator says after reading the deposition's transcript. "David Perdue, he's not for you."

Perdue's campaign fired back.

"David Perdue spent his entire career creating and saving American jobs," said Perdue spokeswoman Megan Whittemore. "David has spent 40 years dealing with bad government policies that put our manufacturers at a disadvantage and devastated entire industries. He wants to use that experience in the Senate to remove the current barriers to competitiveness being put in place by Washington. Michelle Nunn’s record reveals that she cut jobs and doubled her own salary while laying off almost half of her employees."

Perdue defended those comments on Monday, saying he was "proud" of his career and arguing that outsourcing wasn't about cutting American jobs.

Recent public polls have found Perdue slightly ahead of Nunn. The two will meet for their first official debate Tuesday evening.

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