The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee narrowly outraised the National Republican Senatorial Committee in April, bringing in $4.5 million to the NRSC's $4.25 million in the last month.

The DSCC slightly increased its cash advantage over the NRSC, with $25.7 million in the bank to the NRSC's $21.6 million.


Both committees saw their fundraising drop off from March, the end of the quarter when they both push hard for donations. That month the DSCC brought in $7.4 million while the NRSC brought in $5.8 million.

The DSCC has many more seats to defend this cycle and is likely to lose a few seats, but Sen. Dick Lugar's (R-Ind.) primary loss last week gave Democrats a new opportunity. Control of the Senate is likely to be narrowly divided and hard-fought.

"We weren't handed the friendliest map at the start of this cycle, but thanks to strong recruiting, Republican missteps, and the influence of the Tea Party in key states, our donors are more enthusiastic than ever about our chances of holding the Senate come November," said DSCC Executive Director Guy Cecil in a statement.

"Republicans remain on offense in a range of key states across the country and all of our candidates will have the resources they need to win in November," NRSC Communications Director Brian Walsh responded.