Tea Party group threatens primary challenge over Supreme Court hearings
© Greg Nash
"Grassroots activists in Kansas and across the country are furious that Senator Jerry Moran has decided to join President Obama in denying them a voice in the next Supreme Court Justice with their votes in November," Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund Chairwoman Jenny Beth Martin said Friday in a statement.
She called Obama's nominee, Merrick Garland, a liberal who will threaten the right to bear arms and side with “big government agencies.”
“It’s this kind of outrageous behavior that leads Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund activists and supporters to think seriously about encouraging Dr. Milton Wolf to run against Sen. Moran in the August GOP primary,” Martin added.

Moran does not yet have an opponent in the Republican primary but will face a Democratic challenger in the general election. His opponent is likely to be Patrick Wiesner, a tax attorney with no previous political experience. 

“I think we have the responsibility to have a hearing, to have the conversation and to make a determination on the merit,” Moran told constituents in Kansas this week. 
“I would rather have constituents complaining to me that I voted wrong on nominating somebody than saying I’m not doing by job.”