The Senate did pass a version of filibuster reform this week, but the reform measure disappointed many Democrats, who say it did not go far enough to prevent Republicans from abusing the measure. The measure streamlines Senate operations, but does not eliminate the filibuster, as some Democrats had hoped.

Benton adds that McConnell "is willing to work with his colleagues across the aisle when it is in the best interest of Kentucky and our country," but warns that doing away with the filibuster would allow what he characterizes as the worst excesses of liberalism to flourish.

"Can you imagine what the left might cook up with that kind of unchecked power? We’d be sure to see a litany of new anti-coal regulations, tax hikes, anti-Second Amendment bills, forced unionization bills and crazy new deficit spending. And that would just be the tip of the iceberg," he writes.

He goes on to make a plea to "help me give him a little pat on the back right now" by way of a small donation.