In a combative interview on MSNBC Saturday, Senate candidate Rep. Alan GraysonAlan Mark GraysonFlorida Rep. Val Demings officially enters Senate race against Rubio Demings raises Democrats' hopes in uphill fight to defeat Rubio Demings planning to run for Senate instead of Florida governor MORE (D-Fla.) and correspondent Joy-Ann Reid squabbled about an ongoing ethics investigation into Grayson's hedge fund. 


Grayson has been accused of improperly managing a hedge fund, not disclosing all his finances and conducting business deals with the federal government that would be conflicts of interest. Grayson has dismissed a recent congressional report on his alleged violations, arguing the findings show he's innocent.

"You're forcing a lot of bad facts and untruths into your questions, and I have to stop and correct you each time," Grayson said to Reid Saturday during the interview. "You and [Sen.] Harry ReidHarry Mason ReidTo Build Back Better, we need a tax system where everyone pays their fair share Democrats say Biden must get more involved in budget fight Biden looks to climate to sell economic agenda MORE [D-Nev.] both need to stick to the truth," he said, referring to comments from the Senate Minority Leader that he needs to resign over the allegations. 

Grayson and Harry Reid argued during a routine meeting of liberal Democrats earlier this week.

"Shame on you. It's not true," Grayson said

"It is true, and I want you to lose," Reid fired back.

When Joy-Ann Reid questioned Grayson about the allegations, flashing what she said were marketing documents from his hedge fund at the camera, he rejected their authenticity.

"It looks to me like it's a performance report prepared by a third party," he said. "Listen, show me one person who actually ever received that document before you call it marketing. 

"Joy, why do you perpetuate these lies this way?" 

Reid said she pulled the documents from the report the congressional ethics office released in April, but Grayson continued to deny the materials were from his hedge fund.

"You are just coming up with one lie after another, after another, after another," Grayson said. "Could you at least get your facts right before you try to slight me on national TV? Is that asking too much?" 

Grayson, a liberal firebrand, is embroiled in a primary battle against Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Fla.) for the swing seat soon to be vacated by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who had vied for the White House before bowing out of the race in March. Harry Reid has endorsed Murphy in the contest.