"I'm doing my due diligence, taking a look at it. It's a tough decision," Rogers said when asked how seriously he was looking at the race. "I'm the chairman of the Intelligence Committee that has both civilian and the military intelligence apparatus in it. It's a huge responsibility and the work is important and impactful. I need to decide, is it more impactful to stay and do that as chairman or to kind of pull out of that or run for the Senate?"

"I'm working that through, talking with my family, talking with lots of people in Michigan, encouraged by the voices back home who are encouraging me to run, and I'll have a decision hopefully within the near future," he concluded.

Rogers is viewed as the GOP's best chance to win the seat in the Democratic-leaning state. Rep. Gary Peters (D-Mich.) and former General Motors Executive Debbie Dingell (D), the wife of longtime Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.), are the Democrats most likely to run.

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