The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) hauled in $13.7 million in the last three months, nearly doubling the amount the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) brought in during the same period.

The DSCC brought in $5.2 million in March, while the NRSC raised $3.2 million in March and $6.9 million for the quarter. The DSCC has $8.4 million cash on hand, while the NRSC has $5.3 million in the bank.

Some of the DSCC's edge for the quarter comes because the NRSC was slow to staff up its fundraising department. But Democrats have been winning the fundraising battle up and down the ticket this year — most vulnerable Democratic senators raised big money this quarter, and House Democrats in competitive districts are off to a much better start in fundraising than most of their GOP counterparts.

The NRSC is carrying $9.5 million in debt. The DSCC hasn't disclosed how much debt it has, though at the end of February it owed $15 million.