Schweitzer told The Hill earlier this week that he would consider a run for Baucus's seat, but wouldn't make a decision until after May 2nd, when a major shareholder vote will take place on a mining project he's been involved with. The website update is a sign that he may be leaning towards a run — or at least looking to stir interest as he considers one.

"I'm the kind of guy that, when I see a broke-down pickup, I'll get out with my tools and try to fix it, and I can tell you looking at Washington, D.C., from Montana, there is no bigger broke-down pickup than the Senate in Washington, D.C.," Schweitzer told The Hill on Tuesday.

Schweitzer's Facebook page has also been updated in recent days with articles focused on a possible Senate bid — including his interview with The Hill.

Schweitzer would be Democrats' strongest option by far to hold the open seat. His approval ratings are strong in the state, and few other Democrats who might run are very well-known.