Toomey: 'No reason' Trump supporters shouldn't back me
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Toomey said he may have his differences with Trump, but he’s closer ideologically to the GOP presidential nominee than his Democratic challenger Katie McGinty is.
"I'll tell you, anybody that is supporting Donald Trump, I can't see why in the world they would support Katie McGinty," Toomey told the Washington Examiner on Friday. 
"That's a choice they're going to make, but there's no reason in the world they would support Katie McGinty."
Toomey has a slim 1.8-point edge in the race, according to a RealClearPolitics polling average. Their race could be key to control of the Senate, as Democrats need to flip five seats — or four if they keep the White House — to win back control of the chamber.
"I've been pretty clear. Donald Trump has said a lot of things, advocated a lot of policies that I have real problems with. I've supported every Republican nominee since Ronald Reagan. I've had differences with every one of them," Toomey said Friday.
"But with Donald Trump, it's a different situation. He's said things that are very, very objectionable and he's indicated support for policies that are very, very problematic.”