The White House commemorated April Fools' Day — and a visit from the World Series champion Boston Red Sox — by "announcing" that President Obama had created a "President's Council on Beards."

"Finding inspiration from today's visit by the renowned beard enthusiasts from the 2013 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox, the President has pulled together an experienced, enthusiastic, and hairy team of council members to advise him on issues related to beard growth, health, and styles," said White House deputy director of online engagement Erin Lindsay in a blog post.


Many of the Red Sox players grew out their facial hair during the team's World Series push last season.

The post says press secretary Jay Carney — the "Briefing Beard" — was to chair a council that included presidential speechwriter Cody "The Bearded Bard" Keenan, associate communications director Rachel "The Fab Faux" Racusen and Office of Science and Technology Policy director John "NaCL + Pepper" Holdren.

The White House also posted a video detailing the history of beards at the White House. Five presidents — Lincoln, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, and Harrison — had beards during their tenure in the White House.

"It was mostly a statement of style during the period," White House curator Bill Allman said.

At a ceremony recognizing the players Tuesday at the White House, Obama joked he "thought I invited the Red Sox here today, but there must be a mistake because I don’t recognize all these clean-shaven guys."

"But beards or no beards, it is an honor to welcome the 2013 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox to the White House," Obama said.