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Fox’s Hannity spars with Democrat over threat from ISIS at border

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.), a leading proponent of immigration reform, clashed with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday night over the threat militants with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria could pose at the border. 

Hannity argued that the U.S. border with Mexico needed to be secured to protect against jihadists, while Gutiérrez countered that the threat is really from those entering through airports with valid visas.

{mosads}”ISIL gets a million dollars a day,” the Illinois Democrat said. “They’re putting them first class and sending them to America, and they could be Americans just like you or I.”

“Congressman, if I something happens, I will blame members of Congress for not doing their job,” Hannity replied.

“Look, I get the whole stuff of the border and the fixation with the border,” Gutiérrez said earlier. “But the fact is, Sean, that at the current moment, there are 2,000 jihadists with ISIL that aren’t going to come across the border. You know how they’re going to come here? They’re going to come here with visas.”

The interview ended with something of a truce, though.

“You love this country, I love this country,” the lawmaker said. “And I think it’s wrong for you to cast aspersions about people.”

“I’m not questioning your love,” Hannity replied.


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