The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is telling Hispanic voters they “can’t stay at home” during the midterm elections in a new Spanish-language radio ad seeking to boost turnout.

The ad , titled "Don't miss the opportunity to vote," will air nationally and in several states with races crucial to Democrats. It’s the latest part of the party's more than $1 million campaign to get minority and female voters to the polls in November.

The ad hits Republicans on their budget proposal, Medicare and the minimum wage. 


"It’s time to rise up — we can’t stay at home," a female narrator says in the ad, according to a translation. "The decisions we make this November are too important."

In addition to national spots, the ad will air on stations in two states hosting competitive Senate races — Colorado and North Carolina — and also in Georgia. The ad will also run in stations in Nevada, Florida and Texas. 

"Democrats are committed to expanding the vote and we want to ensure that this November Latinos come out to vote and make their voices heard,” DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) said.

The DNC featured President Obama in the turnout campaign’s first radio ad released last week, encouraging black voters to get to the polls. While the committee described it as a "seven-figure" campaign, it did not detail the specific amount dedicated to each ad. 

While Hispanic voters tend to overwhelmingly support Democrats, their turnout rate in midterm elections lags behind other groups, including white and black voters. In 2010, only 31 percent of eligible Hispanic voters turned out, 17 points behind white voters, according to Pew Research

With the exception of Colorado, Hispanic voters make up only a sliver of eligible voters in states hosting competitive Senate races, according to Pew. Hispanics represent 14 percent of the electorate in Colorado, above the 11 percent national average. But they make up only 4 percent in Georgia and 3 percent in North Carolina.