Texas Gov. Rick PerryRick PerryFormer Texas Supreme Court justice jumps into state's AG Republican primary race Texas governor signs 'fetal heartbeat' abortion bill Tomorrow's special election in Texas is the Democrats' best House hope in 2021 MORE (R) said on Monday that the Obama administration should address the beheading of an Oklahoma woman as an "act of violence that is associated with terrorism."

Police say that Alton Nolen, 30, beheaded a coworker at a food processing plant last week after being fired. The Associated Press reported that his Facebook page and coworkers said he had ties to extremist Islam. The FBI is investigating the case.


Perry said on Fox News that the investigation should proceed, but added that, "At some point in time, I think the administration does have to address this as what it appears to many people that it is — and that is an act of violence that is associated with terrorism.”

The incident comes after high-profile beheadings by militants with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). 

“I think Americans are confused about what this is, and if this is a clear case of an individual going in and doing something that doesn’t meet their definition of workplace violence," Perry said. "I think any rational-thinking American is going to look and this and go this is more than just normal workplace violence.”

Perry is a potential 2016 presidential contender, and has been critical of the administration's handling of terrorism. He has also said ISIS could be coming across the U.S. border with Mexico. 

"ISIS is a legitimate threat — it is not just a legitimate threat in that region of the world, it is a legitimate threat in the United States," Perry said in the same interview. "That is one of the reasons that we sent the National Guard to the border to send a very clear message that that border is going to be secure."

Perry deployed Texas National Guard troops to the border following a surge in unaccompanied child minors crossing into the U.S.