Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.) expressed concern Wednesday about what the U.S. plans to do if troops helping to fight Ebola in West Africa contract the disease.


“[W]hat happens if they do show symptoms of Ebola? Do we even have the capacity to bring them back here?” Murphy asked CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

In addition to worrying that the disease could spread in America, Murphy said treatment for soldiers could be life-threateningly slow.

“Right now, it appears that capacity is only about one person at a time with a several-day turnaround time. That's not a very comforting situation," he said.

Up to 4,000 American troops are expected to be dispatched to West Africa to help combat the accelerating spread of the virus.

While multiple Americans have been brought back from Africa for treatment of the virus, it has not been necessary for public health authorities to transport patients from African countries to the United States en masse.