A new poll finds that a small minority of Americans have watched the videos of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) beheading several of its captives.

Only 9 percent of those surveyed by HuffPost/YouGov said they had watched one of the videos, which show the killings of journalists and aid workers. Twenty-three percent said they had watched parts of the videos that did not include the beheadings.


Fifty-one percent of respondents said that they believed watching the videos is disrespectful to the victims; 18 percent disagreed, and 31 percent said that they were unsure.

The most recent video, released by the group on Sunday, indicated that ISIS decapitated Peter Kassig, a former Army Ranger turned aid worker. The group showed Kassig’s severed head in the video, not the beheading itself.

ISIS began releasing beheading videos this summer. Until the Kassig video, the group has always shown the moment where the captive was killed.

In ISIS's first four videos, the beheadings are shown in high-quality footage that was seen as a sign of the group’s media savvy and secure position.

The poor quality of the most recent video suggested a group on the run, analysts say. Some surmised that the reason Kassig's beheading wasn't shown was he resisted the execution.

The poll was conducted Tuesday and Wednesday using an online panel assembled by YouGov.