White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday that President Obama expects Republicans to back his $6.2 billion funding package to fight Ebola.

“We’ve already seen expression of bipartisan support for this proposal, and I would expect that that bipartisan support will endure,” Earnest told reporters.


Obama will speak at the National Institutes of Health on Tuesday to draw attention to his emergency funding request as members of Congress look to complete next year's appropriations bill before Dec. 11.

“Any fair-minded look at the recent track record of even top national security priorities show that occasionally these priorities need a little pushing and prodding to get through in timely fashion,” Earnest said.

“We hope that tomorrow's activities will serve as an effective catalyst for this very important work,” he added.

Democrats have widely embraced the president’s funding package. Several Republicans on the Senate Appropriations and Homeland Security committees, however, have expressed skepticism that the full amount is needed as the spread of infection has slowed.

“I’ll leave it to members of Congress to express their own view and position on what we consider to be a pretty important national priority,” Earnest said.