The Department of Justice on Friday charged a Navy engineer with attempting to send the classified plans of a new aircraft carrier to an undercover agent he believed was in Egyptian intelligence.

An FBI agent pretending to be an Egyptian official met with Mostafa Awwad, a 35-year-old Virginia man, in September, according to an affidavit released by the DOJ.


The document claims Awwad told the agent that he wanted to pass schematics of the U.S.S. Gerald Ford to the Egyptian government. The indictments and affidavits released by the Justice Department do not make clear how the FBI initially contacted Awwad.  

Over a course of about two months, Awwad allegedly gave the FBI agent four computer drawings that he downloaded from naval servers, delivered a one-terabyte external hard drive to a drop site at on a hiking trail and took pictures of schematics for the agent.

While working with the undercover officer, the affidavit says Awwad made arrangements to obtain a fraudulent Egyptian passport from the agent to travel to meet foreign officials and asked the agent for $1,500 to buy a camera for covertly photographing documents.

Awwad began working for the Navy in February. He now faces a maximum 20-year prison sentence.

The U.S.S. Gerald Ford is the Navy’s newest nuclear aircraft carrier.