Obama continues vacation golf tradition
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President Obama is back on the golf course on Tuesday, continuing a tradition that's part of his annual Christmas vacation to Hawaii.


He arrived on Tuesday morning at the golf course at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, according to a pool report. He is playing with his high school friends Greg Orme and Bobby Titcomb, as well as staffer Joe Paulsen.

Titcomb and Orme are part of a group of Obama's friends who reunite in Hawaii every year, a practice that continued even after Obama became president.

Obama also made golf outings, which opponents have criticized throughout his presidency, on Saturday and Sunday, the first two days of the break. 

Monday was rainy, and Obama went bowling with friends instead. He has been working on his bowling game since a famously bad showing on the campaign trail in 2008.

The president has also been to the beach with his family and friends at least once on the vacation and has made a trip to the Marine Corps base gym. 

While many Hawaii residents are accustomed to presidential visits by now, as Obama's motorcade headed to the golf course on Tuesday, the pool reports that an older blonde woman held up a T-shirt with a heart and the words "Obama girl."