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Clinton advisers: Give us Mitt

Advisers to Hillary Clinton tell the New York Daily News that they would rather face Mitt Romney than Jeb Bush. 

“I would like to run against Mitt Romney in every election forever,” said Tommy Vietor, a former Obama White House staffer who worked on Clinton’s book tour last summer. 

{mosads}Romney and Bush appear headed towards a faceoff in the Republican primary, as they have both made recent moves towards a campaign. The ability to beat Clinton, by far the Democratic front-runner, could be a selling point in the primary.

Running against Romney, who has run twice before, could insulate Clinton from the argument that it is time for something new.

“We’d be much more concerned about Bush,” one unnamed Clinton confidant told the Daily News. “When you have Romney against Clinton, you can’t really make the argument that it’s time to move on. You’ve got two people who have run before.” 

Bush has been staking out a more centrist position ahead of the race. 

“People will argue that Bush has matured,” said a longtime Clinton adviser. “With Romney, there’s less of an argument that he matured than that he flipped in ’12 and that he’s flopping back in ’16. I’d rather have Romney than Bush.”

The adviser added that Bush also has an advantage in the key swing state of Florida, where he was governor. 

“One has to assume Bush will win Florida,” said a longtime Clinton adviser. “If you’re looking at the world through 270 electoral votes, that’s a major state in the electoral count.”

A Quinnipiac poll in November found Romney was the only potential Republican candidate beating Clinton in a head-to-head matchup. Romney beat Clinton 45 to 44 percent, while Bush lost to Clinton 46 to 41 percent. 

“I hope he is the nominee,” said the Clinton confidant. “We will cream him.” 

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