Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) on Wednesday took his growing feud with Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald to Facebook, ripping the agency chief in a harshly worded post.

The post came hours after McDonald rebutted criticism from Coffman over his stewardship of the agency, which is still working to shake off the worst medical care scandal in its history.


"Well, sir, maybe if you want I'll give you my cellphone tonight and you can answer some of the calls and see if I'm making a difference for veterans and see what they say,” McDonald said during a House Veterans’ Affairs Committee hearing.

McDonald, a former Proctor & Gamble CEO, then interrupted Coffman as he began to speak.

“I've run a large company, sir, what have you done?" he asked.

Coffman responded on Facebook: “Let me start by telling you something I haven't done. I have never run a federal agency that tolerates corruption the way the VA has."

“I've never built a hospital that's years behind schedule and hundreds of millions over budget. And I've never been a shill for inept bureaucrats who allowed American heroes to die on a medical waiting list while waiting for medical service,” he added, referring to a facility in his district that has had continual construction issues.

McDonald referred to the exchange again later in the hearing, saying that “contrary” to what Coffman thinks, the VA is making progress.

Coffman’s post shows there will definitely be hard feelings the next time the VA chief appears before the panel.

“This is the most arrogant administration in our lifetime. Most would apologize for a scandal committed against our military service men and women,” he wrote. “This administration is seemingly incapable of feeling shame.”