Issa: Giuliani is 'not a partisan politician'
© Greg Nash

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said Sunday that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R), under fire for saying President Obama does not love America, is "not a partisan politician."


"One thing to remember about Rudy, he governed a city that was a vast majority Democratic," Issa said on CNN's "State of the Union." "He’s not a partisan politician in any real way."

Issa downplayed Giuliani's comments by pointing to Obama calling President George W. Bush "unpatriotic" for adding to the debt. "That was wrong, too," Issa said. "There's plenty of that kind of behavior that goes on."

Issa also added a shot at Vice President Joe Biden. "If we wanted to get on top of the vice president every time he says something flippant, foolish or vulgar, we could have this discussion every Sunday," Issa said. 

He added that "I do believe that the president believes strongly in America, I just think he views America differently." As an example, Issa pointed to Obama denouncing the Supreme Court's Citizens United campaign finance ruling at a State of the Union address while the justices were in attendance. 

Other members of the panel said they thought Obama loves America, but sought to move past the issue. 

Former New York Gov. George Pataki (R), who was governor when Giuliani was mayor on September 11 and is now considering a run for president, said "I don’t doubt that the president loves America."

"Instead of fighting about stupid things like this or measles vaccines or evolution, lets focus on coming together as we did after 9/11 to solve the very real problems facing the American people," he added.

Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said, "I, for one, disagree with my friend and Rudy is a friend."

"It’s not about love of country," Ridge said. "It’s about leadership."