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Dem group slams Jeb for ‘hypocrisy’ on emails

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The Democratic opposition group American Bridge sees hypocrisy in former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s criticism of Hillary Clinton’s exclusive use of a private email account while at the State Department, according to a memo obtained by The Hill.
“Bush’s attempt to score political points exposes him to a powerful hypocrisy attack,” Steven D’Amico, the group’s research director, writes in a memo to its president, Brad Woodhouse.
{mosads}“As governor, Bush used private emails; thus far he has not disclosed them all.”
But Bush’s team is doubling down and accusing Clinton of flouting the law. Bush is mulling a run for the GOP presidential nomination, and Clinton is the presumptive Democratic front-runner for 2016.
The memo highlights media reports that Bush’s team chose what emails were turned over, noting that the final release included 250,000 emails, less than half of the 550,000 emails he’s said he received on his personal account.
“Nothing would have stopped the Bush team from selectively leaving out politically problematic emails,” the memo says.
That’s the same charge that many Republicans are levying against Clinton in the aftermath of a New York Times report that she used a personal email account for all her official business as secretary of State. Both Clinton and Bush also owned their personal email servers, according to media reports, giving them more control over the release of their emails.
Kristy Campbell, Bush’s spokeswoman, refuted that comparison to The Hill. She said Bush used a widely known email account for all his correspondence and that he sent all official emails to the state of Florida.
“Hillary Clinton intentionally circumvented federal law,” Campbell said.
“Gov. Bush has complied with broad public records laws and a full set of his public emails remain with the Florida Department of State for historical and archival value.”
Clinton’s address was registered the day of her confirmation hearings, according to The Washington Post
The White House has defended Clinton, with press secretary Josh Earnest saying Tuesday that she would be in compliance if her team turned over all of her official emails when asked to by the State Department.
He added that more stringent requirements on personal emails became law after Clinton had already stepped down. 
Bush relied heavily on his personal email address while governor, which was common knowledge, and he regularly received mail from Floridians. He released 250,000 personal emails ahead of his potential run for president.
He also criticized Clinton soon after Times report, touting his own email release.
The American Bridge memo also points to media reports that Bush may have broken the law by not immediately turning over his emails upon leaving the governor’s mansion.  It adds that the group submitted a records request to confirm or disprove that allegation.
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