Both parties' favorability now below 40 percent
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Both major political parties are viewed favorably by less than 40 percent of the American public for the first time in nearly 25 years, according to a new poll.


In a survey from Gallup, 37 percent say they view the Republican Party favorably, while 39 percent say they view the Democratic Party favorably.

Fifty-three percent now have an unfavorable perception of the GOP, and 51 percent view the Democrats unfavorably.

It is the first time since the survey house began polling on the parties' favorability in 1992 that neither has gotten over 40 percent. When Gallup began asking the question, both parties were viewed favorably by more than 50 percent of the public.

The findings come amid continuing dysfunction in Washington — as the White House and Congress battle over everything from nuclear negotiations with Iran to the president’s executive action on immigration.

The poll also found that the percentage of Americans who view the Republican Party favorably has fallen by 5 percentage points since the midterm elections, when the GOP won a majority in the Senate and made gains in the House.

After the midterms, 42 percent said that they viewed the GOP favorably. That number, however, was up from 34 percent earlier in 2014.