Graham: US and Israel share 'unbreakable bonds'
“I greatly enjoyed my conversation today with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu,” Graham wrote in a statement on Twitter. “I passed along my heartfelt congratulations on his electoral victory, as he is expected to be asked by President Reuven Rivlin to form a new government.”
“We also discussed the ‘unbreakable bonds’ that exist between Israel and the United States,” he added.
Graham’s remarks come as he weighs a potential 2016 GOP presidential run. His show of support follows Netanyahu’s decisive victory in Israel’s elections Tuesday.
President Obama repeatedly clashed with Netanyahu before the Israeli leader’s reelection. The two leaders disagree on the creation of a Palestinian state and how best to negotiate an end to Iran’s nuclear arms research.
Graham expressed Congressional solidarity with Netanyahu on both points Saturday.
“I assured the Prime Minister of Congress’ intent to look closely at any Iranian nuclear deal as there remains strong bipartisan support for that approach,” he said. “I strongly agree that Iran with a nuclear capability poses a direct threat to the security of Israel and the United States.”
“I also indicated to the Prime Minister there would be bipartisan resistance to Palestinian efforts to join the International Criminal Court (ICC),” Graham continued.
“I told the Prime Minister that it has long been held United States policy that Palestinian attempts to join the ICC, in an attempt to marginalize Israel’s ability to defend herself, remains, in my view, a deal-breaker in terms of our assistance to the Palestinians,” he added.
“I let the Prime Minister know that there were many in Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, who have Israel’s back,” Graham concluded.