Christie: Media owes me an apology for Bridgegate

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on Sunday blamed the media for continuing to link him to the Bridgegate scandal that has ensnared two of his top former aides, saying he deserves an apology.

“Three different investigations have verified exactly what I said the day after this incident happened, that I have no knowledge of it and had absolutely nothing to do with it,” Christie said on "Fox News Sunday.”


“You know what happens when the media shouting gets crazy over a story like they went crazy over Bridgegate and were convicting me the day after of heinous acts,” he continued. “Now that there’s no truth to what they said, they say, 'oh well he didn’t do anything but he created an atmosphere.' That’s what the liberal media does rather than saying I’m sorry, which is what they should say.”

Christie’s poll numbers have been flagging since the revelations last year that two of his former aides plotted to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge as political retribution against a New Jersey mayor who declined to endorse the governor’s reelection bid.

Christie has been adamant that he had no knowledge of the plot. The two aides will go to trial in November.

“When you’re exonerated, then the people who wrongly accused you should have the guts to stand up and say I’m sorry, but of course these people don’t do that,” Christie said Sunday. “I’ve apologized to the people of New Jersey for putting those people in the position to do what they did, but I’m not going to allow people to mischaracterize my public record over false allegations.”

Christie launched his bid for the Republican presidential nomination last week. He was once at the top of the polls, but his standing among conservatives has fallen dramatically and it could be a challenge for him just to qualify for the debates later this summer.