President Obama may have gotten a little more than he bargained for when wrapping up his visit to The Last Frontier on Wednesday
Toward the end of his trip to Alaska highlighting climate change, Obama examined fish that were caught at Kanakanak Beach when a salmon spawned on his shoes.
"I've got to get some gloves so I can handle my fish," Obama said, donning orange rubber gloves and holding up a large silver salmon after getting a lesson in using traditional nets.
"Uh-oh. What happened there?" asked Obama, who was standing next to two fisherwomen while examining another fish before it squirted on him. "Did you see that?"
"Generally you don't want fish spawning on your feet," said Obama, who wore black hiking boots along with a dark rain jacket and pants.
"He said he was happy to see me," Obama joked. 
The president also sampled some "really good" salmon jerky partway up the beach.