Sen. John McCainJohn Sidney McCainCan the presidential candidates please talk about our debt crisis? Michelle Malkin knocks Cokie Roberts shortly after her death: 'One of the first guilty culprits of fake news' Arizona Democratic Party will hold vote to censure Sinema MORE (R-Ariz.) is calling for the U.S. to deploy 10,000 ground troops in Syria to combat terrorists following last week's deadly attack in Paris.

McCain said that defeating the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) would take "on-ground troops, about 10,000 Americans, with a coalition of other Arab countries, hopefully maybe NATO countries, maybe even France,” in an interview with network France 24 on Thursday, as first reported by the Washington Examiner.


McCain did not say whether those ground forces could also take action against Syrian President Bashar Assad. The U.S. has pushed for Assad to step down from power but has mainly backed rebel groups that are focusing their fight against ISIS in the divided country.

The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee called ISIS the “godchild” of both al Qaeda and the Assad regime, but he also pinned blame for the terrorist group on U.S. policies.

“What I can put the blame on is the United States of America’s lack of leadership that should have seen what this movement is all about,” McCain said. “When we left Iraq there was no such thing as ISIS.”

The Arizona senator is one of a growing number of Republicans calling for a tougher military response to ISIS after the group took responsibility Friday's attack in Paris that killed at least 132.

France President François Hollande called for a “pitiless” war against ISIS after the attack.

“I understand President Hollande and the French people’s reaction to this,” McCain said. “It is a form of warfare. But it’s a different kind of warfare.

“I think when you kill citizens of a country and commit acts of terror, then you can only describe it as war,” he added.