Team Sanders: We'll keep fighting until convention
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A spokeswoman for the Bernie SandersBernie SandersRussian interference reports rock Capitol Hill The Democratic nominee won't be democratically chosen Fox's Ingraham mocks DNC over Nevada voting malfunctions: 'Are we a Third World country?' MORE campaign says the Democratic presidential fight will go up to the convention.

"We believe ... we're in this for the long haul," spokeswoman Symone Sanders said on CNN on Wednesday. "This is a fight that's going to go all the way through to the convention."

Symone Sanders, who is of no relation to the Vermont senator, also defended the senator's ground game in South Carolina after criticism from some that he was writing off the state.


Bernie Sanders is trailing Clinton by a wide-margin in the next Dem primary state. He said Wednesday that he has not given up on South Carolina but added that his campaign is also preparing for Super Tuesday.

Symone Sanders said Wednesday the candidate has 10 offices in South Carolina and 200 paid staffers on the ground. She said the campaign also just launched another radio ad in the state and is on television.

"But we do have Super Tuesday coming up," she said. "But we are invested in South Carolina for sure."