Pánfilo conversa con el Presidente Obama

¡Adivina con quién conversó Luis Silva Pánfilo! #ObamaenCuba

Posted by Embajada de Estados Unidos en Cuba on Saturday, March 19, 2016

President Obama filmed a skit with popular Cuban comic and TV star Pánfilo on Friday, just a few days before he plans to make a historic visit to the island country.


In the skit, the bumbling Pánfilo phones the White House to check the weather for an upcoming baseball game and is shocked when the president answers.

Obama, throwing in some Spanish phrases, chats with Pánfilo, telling him, “The Cuban people and the American people are friends.”

Pánfilo jokes with the president about long lines at the airport and old-school cars, offering to pick him up and let the president and first lady stay at his house.

Pánfilo, whose real name is Luis Silva, is wildly popular in Cuba, and his weekly show is seen by about two-thirds of the population. The video was posted on the U.S. Embassy in Cuba’s Facebook.

The Obamas leave for Cuba on Sunday and will continue on to Argentina. The trip is meant to solidify the United States’s new, more open policy toward the communist nation. Obama will be the first sitting president to visit Cuba in nearly 90 years.