Anthony Weiner: I'd rather eat a table than return to DC
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Anthony Weiner does not miss Congress. In fact, he would rather eat furniture than return. At least that’s what he said during a recent interview with the Huffington Post’s Candidate Confessional podcast.


He said he’d rather eat the wooden table in front of him “than go back to D.C.”

“By the time I have left, and obviously not on my own terms, Congress was not a great job anymore,” Weiner said. “There are not a lot of moments where I’ve stared at CSPAN 3 and said ‘Damn, I wish I was there to raise this point of order.’” 

The former congressman resigned from his post in 2011 after he was caught in a sexting scandal in which he linked to a sexually explicit photo of himself on his public Twitter account. 

He was wrapped up in another scandal in 2013 when he ran for New York City mayor. 

He expressed interest in running for non-federal office, but said he doesn’t think the opportunity is there for him anymore.

“I tested it in a circumstance that I could,” he said, referring to his run for mayor. “And I also don’t think you get a third bite at the apple. I think people will willingly let you take a second bite and try again. But I don’t know if a third really happens. And then the other thing is the jobs aren’t that good. With the exception of mayor, the jobs are just not that good.”